Legal To Drive 16 Light-Up Caketopper



Show your world that your teenager is able to drive with the Legal to Drive 16 Light-Up Cake Topper. Give your teenager their first car-shaped birthday cake with their special day showcased and etched in clear acrylic. Choose to illuminate the etching with an optional base that features several LED lights. Choose from the following light colors: blue, gold, green, purple, red, white, and turquoise. The base is powered with 3 AA  batteries, and you can enjoy it for several hours of continuous use, especially if you choose to purchase the optional on/off switch. Also makes the perfect centerpiece for a Sweet 16 party's gift table. Be sure to personalize the etched license plate with the birthday person's name, birth date, and state of residence. What newly licensed or going to be licensed driver would not enjoy seeing their name and birth date illuminated inside an over-sized license plate? This is definitely one of those keepsake and photographic moments. You know, the ones that make the birthday scrapbook page or the smartphone recordable moment of fame. Maybe this moment could even make Instagram.
Please Note: The month will be adjusted to fit in the month box as seen in real license plates

Product dimensions:

- Weight: 0.50 lbs
- Height: 4" approx
- Width: 3/8" approx
- Length: 3/8" approx