Heart Shaped Crystal Wedding Lazo - Lasso


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The Heart Shaped Wedding Lazo - Lazo de Bodas Handcrafted Wedding Lasso - Lasso de Bodas. Made with heart shaped crystals and a variety of crystal beads -This WEDDING LAZO has a variety of frosted hearts and clear crystals. The Wedding Lasso is used during traditional wedding ceremonies. -The silver plated crucifix features a wood grain detail with surface and measures 3 5/8"H x 2 1/4"W -A ROSARY WEDDING LAZO is made by linking two rosaries together, joined in the center by a silver plated crucifix. -The Wedding Lasso - Lasso de Bodas will add a beautiful traditional touch on your wedding day. -A wonderful traditional touch to your Wedding day with it's frosted and clear crystals and a weighted silver plated crucifix. Our Best Seller and MOST requested wedding Lazo - Lazo de Bodas. This HEART shaped Wedding Lazo - Lazo de bodas has Frosted Hearts and clear crystals giving it an elegant look. The silver plated crucifix features a detailed wood grain on the cross. Ultimately giving a traditional touch on your wedding day. What is a Wedding Lasso or Lasso de bodas? The lazo symbolizes lifetime unity or the everlasting union of the bride and groom after officially becoming husband and wife. It is an item with two loops Rosary that are joined at the center with a cross. During the wedding ceremony, a Lazo or Lazo de boda, made of two rosaries joined together is placed around the bride and groom as a symbol of unity. Each loop is draped over their shoulders as they kneel at the altar. Our Heart Shaped Wedding Lazo - Lazo de Bodas is handmade with detail and keeping the traditional wedding ceremony values in mind that can be passed on for generations to come or in some cases the bride and groom my choose to display their Wedding Lazo - Lazo be Bodas while others prefer to keep it stored away for their future loved one to use it on their special day.

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- Weight: 1.25 lbs