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Get Inspired: Floating Wedding Candles

Candles will always have their place at weddings. They’re simple. Subtle, romantic, and they fit in with any and all possible décor. Candles fill empty spaces with warm, glowing light, and compliment (or replace!) any kind of centerpiece. 
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Wedding Banners Set the Tone

Adding signature touches to your wedding decor shouldn’t just begin and end with a monogram cake topper - think about adding custom wedding banners to your special day. 
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A selection of exquisite wedding decorations with fantastic features

Unique and eye catching wedding decorations are not as easy to come by as you may first think. 
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Are there some interesting and off-beat wedding accessories around?

Those acting as your ring bearer, ushers, or best man are bound to feel honored to be present in their respective roles for the occasion owing to some wonderful gifts. A bewildering bottle opener key chain is a perfect giveaway on your wedding day, surely among the most special days in your life. On top of our list is this lovely key chain that serves as a dual function gift. Whether you are shopping online for your bridal party, Christmas gifts or even co-workers, this captivating key ring makes a good choice. It’s a timeless accessory, so to say. This is a truly multi-function treat. Adorned with sleek dazzling dome shaped exterior, it incorporates a key ring, clasp and bottle opener. Everyone you gift it is certain to enjoy the bottle opener key chain. An interesting and off-beat post wedding item is a pretty beaded silver jewelry box. It is a perfect place to retain one’s precious treasures. One may keep them neatly and carefully tucked away without worrying about its safety thanks to this gorgeous jewelry box. This beaded silver-plated accessory is made to the perfect size so as to carry your most precious belongings. The lid deftly opens to reveal a magnificent mirror. Dazzling draped velvet lining, two separate compartments plus padded rolls to hold stud earrings and rings only enhance its beauty and value.
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Some fabulous accessories to add to the joy of wedding celebrations

We suggest that you take a look at some of the recommendations below for some fabulous accessories. Grabbing them will sure help you double the joy of wedding celebrations. First of our picks is an eclectic engraved Heart Keepsake box. Made of sizzling silver, the beautiful box is the perfect option to keep some of your most cherished treasures. Apart from its functionality, it has fabulous looks. Having been lined with extremely gorgeous black velvet, its appeal gets further enhanced. The silver-plated trinket holder in itself will become your favorite spot. It can be used as an ideal perfect accent accessory to any vanity, desktop or dresser. It carries an easy close lid. If you want to make it look unique, you can get it personalized to make her feel more special. The feature is available free of cost.  We are sure that women of all ages and tastes will relish its highly customized charm, class and chic boutique appeal. Our next pick for you is this fantastic flower pearl necklace plus earrings. The nice and subtle combination of necklace and earring carries beautiful round pearls along with ravishing rhinestones. They are so delicately arranged that you will be left spellbound by its fabulous floral pattern. The beautiful necklace measures 16" long. It’s available with charming white pearls only in a sizzling silver setting.
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How can you make your wedding day accessories special?

Wedding accessories become special if they suit your style and reflect your attitude - be it romantic, whimsical, simple, elegant, or funny. It is equally important that the selection jells well with the overall décor of your reception venue. In essence, you need to have something worth showing that gives an idea of your identity. For example, if you have made up your mind to go green on your wedding day, you may opt for a suitable nature-friendly theme. As a result, the whole wedding day celebration will get an environmentally friendly touch that your guests would sure appreciate. We recommend to you lovely pink rose natural paper wedding place cards. This is a truly beautiful and equally functional item because of its environmentally friendly nature. The place cards made from handmade natural, quality Thai mulberry (Saa) paper are deftly embellished with little pink roses. These will help you make an apt and elegant eco friendly statement on your reception and make it even more memorable. These cards come in a set of 12. Another item worth considering is Magnolia natural paper place cards for your wedding reception. These are also friendly towards nature. As the name suggest, they are embellished with cute magnolias. These also come in a set of 12. The above mentioned accessories pass a perfect message to your friends and relatives so that they become caring towards nature even while soaking in the wedding celebrations.
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How can you turn your wedding day celebration into a personalized and exceptional experience?

A venue slated to host a special occasion like anniversary should exude charm that reflects its joyful spirit. Its ambience, décor and selection of accessories should jell with the celebration theme. Just to elaborate, if your wedding day theme is related to dreamy era from bygone fairytale times, you can create the requisite realm by picking motifs like a cute fairy atop a white feather floating candle to go with the theme. There can also be a sweet fairy child or a dream fairy with delicate wings. It all depends on your imagination and inclination. You may even opt to make a quiet statement for the simplest yet soothing effect by placing a bouquet of flowers, or just a potted plant with ravishing roses or fabulous filler flowers. Thanks to the Internet, you can seek some truly marvelous ideas and themes on wedding day decoration and accessories. For instance, you can select some simple, albeit yet elegant wedding table centerpieces. You can get relevant information by visiting a full-fledged online shop that has on offer easy shopping options as well. Of course, time available at your hands to plan every thing and of course, your budget also matter. With a careful selection of stunning wedding day items you can turn the event into a personalized and exceptional experience for your guests and thus make the event regal!
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What are the virtues of a versatile and reliable wedding collectibles resource?

If you search for wedding collectibles online, you sure will come across a truly dependable Web based avenue that hosts an impressive selection of exclusive accessories. You would want to know the virtues of a wedding collectibles resource that make it versatile and reliable.
  • You should have a wider choice - from contemporary to traditional designs – with an option to personalize your offerings.
  • It invariably pays extra attention to every fine detail using the finest ingredients and materials such as porcelain, crystal, ribbon, lace and fabric.
  • Wedding collectibles like albums, memory books and scrapbooks, which are carefully, skillfully and meticulously designed with quality material by experienced designers, will retain its luster and shine.
To check the authenticity and credibility of the online resource is important before you make a selection and place your order. Thankfully, you have made it to the right platform. It is essential that you talk to customers who have previously used the wedding accessories and find out whether they are satisfied with the results. With a quality resource, you can be assured of the fact that you will be able to secure the perfect wedding accessories to make your dream day’s ceremony and reception a memorable occasion everyone present would always remember.
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What are some truly amazing wedding accessories I would love to treasure?

It’s your wedding, and your personality should shine through right down to the very last detail. No matter what your personality, you are sure to find unique wedding stationery / wonderful wedding albums, sizzling scrapbooks, and perfect picture frames to suit your every whim, fancy and dream. What you need is a Web based platform that will have on offer an enterprising selection of exquisite wedding accessories. The aim should be to help you customize or personalize the very special day in your life in a truly unique manner and match your taste as well as style quotient. Sample some of the amazing accessories you would like to treasure for years to come: One among is the lovely Keepsake Box. This box forms part of the fabulous Anniversary of Love Collection that comprises many interesting accessories. The captivating Keepsake Box is 5.5” wide. Another must-have wedding accessory is a beautiful Beaded Beauty photo album. The term ‘Beaded Beauty’ aptly describes this wonderful white photo album. Just to elaborate a bit, it features handsome hand-sewn pearls, bugle beads and seed beads on matte satin. The fabulous photo album is of size 4" x 6". It can easily hold well up to 100 pictures of your wedding day or engagement ceremony. You can look for other matching guest book & photo frame ideas.
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Wedding program

You need to decide whether you need a wedding program or not. This will depend on how big your wedding affair is. There are so many things to do while arranging a wedding. If you do not take care of each detail, the entire wedding has chances of going haywire. You need to take care of wedding invitation, wedding flowers, wedding decoration, wedding dress, wedding menu and venue and numerous other things. You will need to chalk down a plan on pen and paper that will take care of all the aspects of a wedding. So here comes the wedding program. If you want to stay on tract from the beginning to the end, then a wedding program is a must. With the wedding program ready, you feel that you are in full control. You can relax that the entire event is planned. If your budget is tight, then your wedding program must be made in a way to fit the budget. It is not possible for you to remember everything. So you must have a wedding  program in place if you want your special day to go without a glitch.
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Centerpiece ideas

In a wedding, guests do take notice of the wedding decorations apart from the bride and the groom. There are various centerpiece options that are there for you to choose from. Candles can create a good theme for your reception. You can display floating candles in a bowl. Adding colorful petals in the water can add to the beauty of the design. Taper candles look very pretty on the wedding table. These candles do not drip and can be accessorized. They are really good wedding table ideas. Flowers are also a great idea to dress up your wedding table. You can get custom made floral designs to decorate your table. You can also get the flowers made from silk or handmade paper. If you want to keep it simple, you can also put flowers in a vase and decorate. A fun wedding table idea is chocolate. You can opt for a moulded chocolate bride and groom centerpiece. You could even have a tower that is piled with little chocolate bags for your guests. Some people decide for confetti. You can also place cardholders that will match the theme of your wedding.
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A memorable wedding

Having a memorable wedding does not depend on the budget. You can let your creativity run and make your wedding memorable. Make it different from all other traditional ones. This way you and your guests will remember for a long time to come. If you have enough budget, then it is a good idea to hire a wedding planner. The wedding planner is responsible for ensuring that your flowers are fresh and the venue looks beautiful and the service is faultless. The planners are available at various price ranges. You can choose the one that suits you best. Choose a theme that will be different from the common ones. You need to ensure that the entire decorations match with the theme of the venue. The flowers, the table cloth, the bouquets and similar ones need to match with the theme. The menu should take care of the preferences of majority of the guests. Try to make the return gift and thank you note unique. It need not be too expensive. Just make sure you make it a little different.

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